2018 Cruise collection
<Bouquet Parade>






ボタンを1個ずつ変えるような、さりげないディテールへのこだわりは健在。チェリーモチーフは果実がハート形になっている。ラッフルやドレープは布の表情を巧みに引き出した。「AMORE! FLORA(花の愛)」「VENUS TANJYO(ヴィーナスの誕生)」などのメッセージTに心が躍る。ハートウォーミングなフラワーモチーフと陽気なカラーリングが一足早く、あたたかい春のムードを招き入れてくれる。

The 2018 Cruise Collection of "MUVEIL" was inspired by the works of the great master Sandro Botticelli (1445-1510), such as "Primavera" and "The Birth of Venus", which are considered masterpieces of Renaissance art. While the sneaking feeling happiness that makes people feel spring appears, the essence of sports such as "MUVEIL" is invested within.

As a symbol of euphoria, many flowers were selected as the key motif Various flowers and plants knitted with crochet, which make one feel nostalgia and peace, act as a "bouquet" to color the dress. The key color of the lime green and tomato red makes on look dazzlingly dazzlingly young.

It gives a feminine impression of a slender silhouette with natural drapey feeling. The gown trench coat is a light outerwear combining the peacefulness of a gown and detail of a trench coat. Lily of the valley embroidery is featured on the back. Knit gown with decorative bouquet embroidery is knitted on the front and is specially dressed with cloth on the back side.

With regard to material, the sense of sheer tulle brings depth to layers. A combination of t-shirt and pants was proposed for a tulle dress. The tulle skirt was pleated and sharply shrunk . Tulle is also welcomed into t-shirts and cardigans.

A classic taste of sports reminiscent of major league baseball of the good old days is also hidden within. Baseball shirt, baseball jacket, baseball cap, and line-in socks all comprise the "spice" of the fashion. When the hood of the parka of the sweatshirt material is worn, it creates a lovely style that resembles a classic head scarf (hood-like style).

Like changing the button one at a time, there is an active focus on the attention to casual details. The cherry motif is heart-shaped fruit. The ruffles and drapes skillfully drew out the expression of the cloth. Our hearts are excited at the messages such as "AMORE! FLORA (love of flowers)" and "VENUS TANJYO (birth of Venus)". A heart-warming flower motif and hilarious coloring quickly form a pair, inviting a warm spring mood.